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Tuesday's With Morrie

            "A meaningfull life, not the meaning of life". That is what Morrie Schwartz teaches Mitch in the book Tuesday's with Morrie written by Mitch Albom. Morrie shows Mitch a meaningful life through: loving others, taking things for granted, and showing that it is ok to cry. That is what Morrie teaches Mitch. The importance of love is shown by Morrie towards Mitch. When Morrie does the Ted Coppell interview and Mitch sees him and decides he should go see him. Mitch shows love when he comes back every Tuesday. An example is when Morrie says, "Hey Mitch, your coming back next Tuesday right?" and out of love Mitch says, "Yes of course." Mitch learns that he is taking things for granted, most of his entire girlfriend, Janine. She wants to get married and he thinks he can just ignore that. She tells him she is not waiting around for him. He also takes gist friends for granted because of Morrie dieing Mitch decides he should go see him. He decides that there are times when friends com!.
             e before work. Through out the whole book Morrie keeps telling Mitch that crying is ok and good for a person. Morrie says his goal is to got Mitch to cry. The effect is when Mitch starts to rub lotion on Morris's feet and he starts to cry and at that time Morrie knows he has reached him. So all in all Mitch learns that the meaning of life through a dieing person. Which I believe is the hardest way. In the end he learns to love others or perish.

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