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            This essay will contain my definition of masculinity, what the criterion for being a man is, in my opinion, and how the importance of being sexually active affects your manliness. In the following paragraphs is what will make up the heart of my essay, and all of its glory. I hope you enjoy this essay in my own words.
             Masculinity. Some view this terms definition as meaning the point after which you have has sexual intercourse with a female. My definition of masculinity has nothing to do with being sexually active. To some I"m sure their opinion of what masculinity is revolves only around the sexual aspect of life, but to others, like myself, there is more to making a man than just being able to have sexual intercourse. Just because of the fact that you have, or can have sex with a female has no influence on your masculinity in my opinion. Becoming a man to me means that this person has been through and dealt with difficult times, times where this person has had to stand up and take responsibility of his life, with no direct influence in his action, no lead to follow. He has had to be his own mentor, and while going through that hard time, he has successfully learned and understood all aspects of that event. Being a man doesn't always mean you have to succeed. You can't win at everything, as long as that time you went through made you stronger as a person, you have become a victor. An example of what I mean by everything I have said in this paragraph is when a young son's father gets sick. The son can't control whether his dad lives or dies, but unfortunately his father passes away and the son is left with no direct father figure to look up to or follow. He must grow up earlier than all of his peers at that age, which in the long run will make him grow faster emotionally by having to deal with everyday problems that his father can't help him with, and must teach himself, and learn from his own mistakes.

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