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Life is Beautiful

            " Life is beautiful" is a deep touch movie about love of a Jewish father for his family (his wife and his son) in Nazi concentration camp. With Jewish father character, there is no wonder Roberto Benigni won the Best Actor and Director Academy Awards for his talent.
             The first main stage of the movie is the romantic love of an Italian waiter ( Roberto Bengini)-Guido with a beautiful and lovely woman teacher-Dora. The First main stage brings to audiences a lot of laugh and we admire the way Guido conquers Dora. I love seeing when Guido and Dora come inside the colourful flower room to continues to the second main stage that begins with the birth of their lovely son-Giosue.
             But happiness doesn't stay long for Guido's family. He and his son are sent to concentration camp by Germans on his son's birthday. Although Guido still don't know what is going on but he still know that he need to protect his son's soul by saying that they"re playing a game which prize will be a full-sized tank. During the time in camp, Guido always tries to keep his son out of many dangers by his clever and intelligent. He also tries to remind Dora that he loves her in the time they are separate. Guido forgets himself to take care for his son, he is also as his mother. A mother whose love for child stronger than any other mothers.
             And because of his such love for Giosue, Guido protects his son until his last breathing. Guido dies for his son living. I believe there is no father can do more for their children than this. Guido is a lighted candle in darkest place. A light for love and hunamnity.
             "Light is beautiful" is a brilliant comedy which brings to us not only laugh but also tears and thinking.

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