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Life is Beautiful

             The movie begins in a comical way but as it progresses, we can see the facts about life and the hardships one must face in a society where belonging to a different race faces the evils of man's quest for supremacy. The movie has many philosophical facts although most of them sound so hilarious; they are in fact true to certain aspects of life. The happy-go-lucky character of Guido has helped him in accepting the mockery the Jewish people of his time had faced. He always had that positive outlook in life that has aided him in protecting his son from the trauma of war and discrimination.
             If we compare the movie with the philosophies we had discussed, we can say that Guido's life can be placed in line with the experiences Socrates" had in his lifetime. Even though Guido did not mostly use rational thinking, his philosophies in life has helped him in surviving a racist society where being a Jew is being in the lowest class of society. They were even compared to horses and were not allowed to enter other establishments. The minds of the Germans are clouded just like what Socrates had said about the Greeks in his time. The Germans of that time thought that they were the supreme rulers of this world and that they are the superior race as being of Aryan bloodline. As Guido was trying to get close to Dora by standing in as the Supervisor from Rome, he had shown the students why the Aryans are superior to any other race. Although comical in nature, he being a Jew had shown the students that being Aryan is just like being any other human being (except for those abnormal ones) who has flexible ears, some navel and etcetera. He had shown that the belief of the Aryans as superior race has no basis at all because physically, we are all the same. The minds of these people from the Aryan lineage had been clouded by their leaders who only want power to protect their own interests that is the result of greed.

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