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Life is beautiful

             The first part of the movie is about Guido and his future wife Dora. Guido and his friend Ferruccio are driving in the countryside when there brakes go out. This scene is meant to set the tone for the rest of the movie because it is frightening with a hint of humor to help the scene along. The first time Guido meets Dora he catches her when she falls out of the window. This is the first meeting of many between the two. Another encounter they have is when Guido dresses up like an inspector just so that he can see Dora and try to impress her. Guido uses comedy to win her heart and eventually the two are married and have a son. 5 years later the mood of the movie changes dramatically.
             On their sons 5th birthday, they are forced to board a train and go to a concentration camp. Guido decides to tell his son that the ride is for his birthday. When the son questions why they are at a camp Guido says that they are all playing for a tank, and that the first one to score 1000 points wins the tank. When the son inquires about others being burned and turned into buttons and soap, Guido once again uses comedy to play off the situation. Anytime that the son asks about the goings on in the camp Guido uses just the right words to ease his sons mind. At the end of the movie, Guido tells his son to stay in a box until there is no one around, or he comes back to get him. A guard shoots Guido after trying to see Dora and the next scene is where the boy comes out of the box. Just as the boy creeps out of the box, a tank comes rolling towards him and a young man pops his head out and tells the boy to climb up. This was awesome to me; the boy will ever remember his father for getting him through the toughest time of his life. The boy meets up with his mother and the movie ends.
             Guido's goals or meaning of life are very interesting ones. The way he uses comedy in just the right way to express what he is feeling or wanting is difficult to do.

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