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            The Enlightenment period was during the 18th century. This period influenced society, politics, religion, and economics. Science became more important as a form of knowledge. Human nature was a positive thing. Anything in the world was pretty much explainable. Progress was possible and expected. There was liberty and equality. There were more attempts in making religion more rational. Science became a new authority. .
             Science became more useful - such as helped with solving problems. It gave humans more control over nature. They created new tools for farming and war. New roads and canals were built due to engineering techniques. There were better ways for travel. They had a strong belief in reason and they no longer relied on God for everything. John Locke, an epistemologist, explained that humans are born like a white sheet of paper - we have no nature when we are born; nature develops throughout our life. There was more equality. Before everything, everyone lived together and did what they wanted to some even raped, stole things, and killed. The people realized that it was unsafe so they gave up their freedom to a leader who was to keep them safe in return for it. The subject of Liberty was important everyone had a right to live. People would have certain rights that could not be taken away. The belief in progress was important. In the beginning, people assumed that life would be the same for generations to come but then they started believing that life would slowly progress in the years to come. They tried to make religion more rational. They didn't want different religions to go against each other they didn't want to take religion so seriously anymore. Many thought that science and religion didn't go together. Many also believed in deism, which is the belief that God created the world/universe like a clock - after he created it he left it alone to run by itself. .

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