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WW2 And the risse of hitler

            This essay is on World War II and things that I will cover in this essay will be Hitler's early years and his rise to power, the nazi party, the blitzkrieg, the occupation of countries, some of the allies victories and D-day, how the war ended in Europe, what happened to Hitler and about his legacy the Holocaust.
             Hitler was a soldier in the First World War and after the war had ended he joined a small political group in which he later became the leader of. Under his control the group became a well-organized and well-known political group that was called the Nazi party. He had tried to take over the German government in 1923 but he failed and was sent to jail for nine months and while he was in prison he wrote a book called Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") and in this book he detailed what he would do in the German government.
             In 1933 Hitler's Nazi party was voted into power and Hitler became Germany's Chancellor or prime minister and within a year he had managed to get rid of the democratic government and made him a dictator.
             Countries that were led by a dictator had no say in anything. There was no free speech co if someone criticized the dictator or his party they would get arrested. There wasn't even any freedom of information all newspapers, books, films etc were all controlled by the dictator.
             Only some religions were allowed so everyone had to worship the same religion as the dictator or be arrested or even killed.
             In a dictatorship there wasn't any legal freedom so the police could arrest anyone they liked and keep them in prison without a trail.
             The Nazi party wasn't really any different to the other political parties it only had different views on how to run the government.
             During Germanys Golden twenties the Nazi party couldn't gain any power because Germanys living standards and economy was growing so they didn't want to change. Then the Great Depression hit Germany hard and the Germans were looking for some to end the depression and that's exactly what the Nazi party was claiming it could do and during the 1932 elections the Nazi party had so many seats within the government that president Hindenburg had to make Hitler the new Chancellor.

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