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             World war one was a military conflict from 1914-1918. it started out as a European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, but soon many nations were involved, an eventually became a global war. The associated powers opposed the nations that were in the central powers.
             The war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was the result of the Austria Archduke and his wife being assonated. I believe the Serbs feared the archduke would continue to persecute Serbs living in the Austria-Hungary Empire. Russia decided to mobilize against Austria. Germany warned Russia that this action would cause war with them. August first Germany declared war against Russia. Germany thought that Russia would be unprepared for war.
             The French began to mobilize as well; the French and Russia had an alliance; August 3rd Germany declared war on France. August 4th Britain declared war against Germany. Italy became involved once they broke the triple alliance and declared war on Austria-Hungary.
             A huge cause of WWI was nationalism, militarism, imperialism and the political and economic rivalry with in the nations. Imperialism caused France and Germany to fight over controlling colonies especially Morocco. .
             WW2 was caused by proms left unsolved by WWI. After WWI nations met in Pairs to make treaties, known as the Peace of Pairs. Most nations left unsatisfied. Two movements began to gain strength, communism and fascism. In Europe these two groups clashed among one another. Germans began to support the Nazi party, Nazis declared that Germany had the right to be strong once again. .
             The peace of Paris established the League of Nations to maintain peace. The League of Nations did not work effectively because the nations would support their interest at the cost of other nations. Japan and Germany withdrew from the League of Nations. Leader in France and Britain thought Italy's Friendship was more important than the League of Nations.

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