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Women: More than a thing?

             The use of women in advertising in America has become out of control and has many negative effects. I agree with the Jean Kilbourne's views on how the uses of women in the advertising industry are outrageous and need to be stopped. Women themselves have begun to lose respect for their own bodies. Men, as well, have begun to lose respect for women and are treating women's bodies as an object, a "thing" with the sole purpose of fulfilling their own pleasures and desires. Another terrible effect is that children are growing up with distorted views and morals regarding the female body. Last of all sex has become just some unimportant thing with no meaning or feeling. I am brought back to my first point, where it all starts; the way women have begun to treat their own bodies.
             Women go through a vicious cycle. They feel bad about the way they look because no matter how hard they try their legs will never be five inches longer, slender, and with the perfect tan. Their hair will never be the perfect color, with absolutely no dead ends, completely soft and, again, perfect. Their faces will never be completely blemish free, the perfect complexion, the right color of eyes, and the right shaped nose. We are born who we are, but for some reason we have a hard time accepting it. Human beings have developed methods to change those imperfect things about ourselves. Women spend countless hours at beauty salons getting their hair dyed, cut, permed, and basically change in any ways possible but not only can they get they get their hair "fixed" but the can also invest in some wonderful, perfect, beautiful nails. Should I mention that these are in my opinion fake and superficial but anything to make them look better. Women have started getting breast plants, plastic surgery, color contacts, and face lifts. These things are all done in hopes of making themselves more beautiful. Women have lost the sight of the true value of the things that make people who they are.

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