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             If excavations were never set forth then history class would be an extremely boring time of the day. Excavations, if done correctly, can be extremely enlightening and educational to humans today in the fact that we can learn about the most intimate details of our ancestors" lives. However many people believe that the breaking of ground to dig up artifacts can be a violation of moral, spiritual, and natural laws or feelings. In my opinion, what better is an artifact to do preserved 10 feet underground than in the hands of ourselves, provided that we treat it with respect?.
             Machu Pitchu may be one of the most beautiful and significant historical discoveries in human history. It is an advanced mix of ultra-modern mathematical architecture mixed with stunning beauty, so well built that today it lies almost fully intact. The cold fact is that we as humans have a right to understand our history and dig up this town as carefully as possible. If humans realize that history was meant to be unfolded, not put away, than we would all be more comfortable with the tampering of this great site. Many great findings have been uncovered, as over 70% of this great Inca city is actually underground. This fact alone is self explanatory in the fact that excavation is extremely important and essential in order to bring out its fullness. .
             Machu Pitchu is one of thousands of examples. It is a city meant to be built high on a mountaintop close to the Inca God's. At one time this city was probably the "holiest" in all of South America. The controversy to dig this site up is extremely palpable throughout the area. However if they are trying to protect such a beautiful thing, how would they know it was even beautiful without excavation in the first place?.

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