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Tree of Red Stars Report

             Tree of Red Stars Report.
             In the novel, The Tree of Red Stars, by Tessa Bridal, exists an argument. One side argues about whether Magda is legitimately interested in being a Tupamaros and fighting for political believes. Another side argues that Magda was not passionate about politics but she was only involved for the adventure. I believe that Magda was only involved for the adventure and not as a result of influences from family. She does not hold strong political beliefs before the dictatorship began. I think Magda was intrigued by the life in politics and was not doing so because it was a necessity. .
             The first topic that supports the latter argument concerns her love interest with Marco. Magda found herself falling for Marco well before she was an adult. The feelings Magda gained for Marco was an influence in her decision to help the Tupamaros. Marco was involved politically and she found herself an opportunity to join him while developing a stronger relationship. When she decided to help out the Tupamaros, she put herself in danger as Marco had. They both had government jobs that were secure and the dictatorship did not affect them following the take-over. Magda seems to be very impressionable by Marco.
             A second topic which supports the same argument has to do with Magda's family. Her family was no real direct influence to her joining in the revolution. She had no reason to help the Tupamaros as a favor to her family because they were rather wealthy. This helped keep them out of political danger and Magda did not have to worry about her family under the new dictatorship. Only the poor and those defying the government were susceptible to punishment by the dictatorship. Obviously, Magda did not have to defend nor save her family from any trouble. She did not enter the political underground in order to save her family. Magda purely engaged in the revolution as a way to experience a new adventure.

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