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            The story "Reunion", by John Cheever, is about a boy who has a chance to reunite with his father during his hour and a half layover in New York and become reacquainted with his absentee father since his parents divorce three years ago. The boy, Charlie, is very excited about seeing him, but his visit wasn't anything like he expected. His father ended up being a rude alcoholic. Instead of going out to lunch with his father and catching up on the last three years they had been separated, they spent the entire time getting kicked out of restaurants or leaving angrily because they wouldn't serve Charlie alcohol. Charlie witnessed how alcohol transformed his father into a person he did not know. He observed how alcohol influenced his relationship dealing with educate in a public place, demeanor towards his son, and his rudeness towards strangers. .
             Alcohol played a major role in the way Charlie's father acted in the restaurants. Alcohol affected him by making him be very rude and loud, which eventually lead them to being kicked out or refused service at every restaurant they went to. The first place they decided to go his father caught the server's attention to come to their table and then rudely said "chop-chop" and then clapped his hands while he was on his way over to them. This really upset the server and I think it embarrassed Charlie, I know I would have been embarrassed. Rudeness like this continued throughout the little time they had to see each other.
             Charlie's father was very adamant about Charlie drinking with him. I think this was due to the fact that he was a lonely man and wanted someone else to drink with. Also, in a way I think he wanted Charlie to feel how he felt. It didn't seem like Charlie even wanted to drink, maybe that was due to fact that he saw the way his father was behaving. Charlie and his father never really had a chance to drink or even talk because they were to busy going from restaurant to restaurant.

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