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Advantage 2000 at Owens Coring

             Owens Corning was established 1935 by joint venture of Corning Glass and .
             Now it is international company with headquarter in Toledo, .
             Ohio. In 1996 it had 11 business units, 17,000 employees in 30 countries, 45% .
             market share in the compositions materials market. In January 1992 company got .
             new CEO . Company before that was in the huge dept. New CEO, Hiner infused his .
             management team with outside talent. Under new management team, Owens Corning .
             begun to progress. By early 1994, CEO Hiner had established ambitious financial, .
             business and workplace plan. In order to obtain that goals three business process .
             reengineering (BPR) projects were initiated by Hiner:.
             Reengineering logistics.
             Reengineering customer service processes.
             Consolidating the finance function.
             Company hired consulting firm D&T to work with BPR teams. They concluded that .
             existing IS would not be able to support the envisioned new processes. Existing IS .
             was design to support separate business and single functions. IS was decentralized.
             Company hired new CIO, Radcliff as help to move company to next century by .
             strategically aligning the IS organization to the ambitious vision for year 2000 .
             and to significantly cut IS operational costs worldwide. Company decided to get ERP .
             system which is able to do following:.
             Access worldwide.
             Customize response to meet customer needs.
             Make fully informed decisions.
             Communicate paper-free.
             Company decided to buy SAP R/3 version of ERP systems. Implementation of SAP .
             R/3 system is supposed to be done in the four different fazes:.
             R1 targeted a single corporate function financing.
             R2 targeted a full set of manufacturing and distributing modules.
             R3 would implement standard client/server configuration.
             R4 would exploit in multinational environment.
             To be able to manage release of SAP R/3 OC needed IS organized differently then .
             it was before. Company reorganized IS. New IS had three structures linked with .

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