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             Through our Psychology of Women classes I have passed through the Passive Acceptance Stage, where I was unaware of the discrimination women go through everyday, and have entered the Revelation Stage. Although their have only been four lectures I have felt a dramatic change in my way of thinking. I now think differently about my environment and myself; and finally have begun to question things in my environment that I previously never would have questioned. .
             Part 2: Manifestation.
             At first I felt confusion that I lived so long without realizing what was happening to me, as a woman, and around me. I also felt surprised that, after all these years of progress, we still haven't reached our goal for equality. I now feel anger with mostly myself, but also with men in general and with the media. My anger is a definite sign that I am at the Revelation Stage. .
             The Revelation Stage has manifested itself in many ways. This stage has changed my thinking significantly because I have realized many things about my beliefs. For example, in High School I was a part of many of the sports teams and I never really paid much attention to the fact that the boys teams always had more attention, acclaim and more funding. This is something that has been going on for many years and it is surprising that it still exists. .
             Another example of how this class has changed my perspective immensely is that I now have a different perspective on my body image. I believed that being skinny was beautiful and something to achieve, sometimes at any cost. I would restrict my eating and exercise excessively. Shopping for clothes would depress me and whenever I ate something fattening I would feel extremely guilty. So many of my friends have the same thinking, I realize now that this may be due to women being exposed excessively to the perfect body in the media (TV, magazines, movies ). More recently I have begun to feel more positive about my body, and I am less concerned with my weight and more with my health.

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