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alice walker

            In the story, "The library Card," Richard Wright took one step closer to achieving the American dream. However, in order to fully understand how he did so, one must first understand exactly what the American Dream is. I asked a few of my closest friends what their best definition of the American Dream was. They all came up with fairly similar answers to this question. The American Dream is having a good job, good family, and just pretty much well off. It is being wealthy and the best at what you do. It is being knowledgeable. The books that Richard Wright tried so desperately to attain helped him to get a better handle on the American dream.
             If Richard Wright had never read those books, chances are, he would never have made the effort to pick up his life and move it along. Upon reading Mencken and other great authors, he found out more about why white people acted the way that they had. He had a better grasp on why they treated him the way that they had. Wright then became more knowledgeable. In order to attain the American dream, you must have knowledge because knowledge is power. .
             The books that Wright read introduced new obstacles in his life. The major one that he had to overcome was the fact that he knew what people thought of him, yet he was still unable to say anything about it. He had to live his life the exact same way and it killed him inside. He longed to say something to the white men, but knew better. Sometimes, silence kills. In this case, it was a huge obstacle that Richard Wright may never have overcome. .

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