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My bro is dead

            I will give you a brief summary on this book . Sam and his Dad get in a lot of arguments, and disagreements on the weirdest things. Sam is an American soldier in the Revolutionary War. They're against the Tories - that's what they called the British Army. Sam was part of the Rebellion Troop on the American side. A nickname they called the British was the Lobsterbacks because their coats were the color red as well as most of their uniforms. Sam goes against his father's words and goes off to actually be a part of the fighting in the war. His father doesn't want him to go because he is afraid that Sam will get hurt or even maybe killed. He fights at some well known towns, Lexington and the city of Concord. For a long time Sam is sort of absent from the book. Sam still writes letters often to family but not much talks about him for awhile. Then Sam's brother Tim gets a job. He becomes a letter carrier and messenger. Tim works for a guy named Mr. Wharrups. What he does is he delivers letters from the American side to the British side. Some of the letters are addressed to King George III himself. There are some Native Americans in this book, too. One is a kid named Tom Wharrups. He used to have the job Tim has, but he was stopped every 5 minutes because British soldiers thought he was up to something or hiding something. So it took him a long time and it was very difficult for him. A good friend of his is a girl named Betsy Read. One time she wanted to know what Tim was doing when he was delivering the letters. She was curious on what the letter said. But Tim wouldn't let her read them so Betsy and Tim kind of got in a small fight.14-year-old Tim Meeker must deal with this family conflict as his father and brother choose opposite sides in the American Revolution. Tim's father, a Connecticut tavern-keeper, thinks the colonists have some legitimate complaints against England but nothing serious enough to cause war.

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