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             As Canada's economy advances, ethnic minorities still struggle to raise their status and rise to the top of the economy. Even though the government works towards a racism free society, it is quite evident that it will always exist.
             In today's society, it is very rare it see an individual from an ethnic minority as the CEO of a company or a manager at a bank. This dates back to history, when there was a clear distinction between classes based on the colour of your skin. This distinction has been somewhat carried through generations and still exists today.
             Throughout history, ethnic minorities, especially African Canadians, were always slaves because their skin colour made a clear distinction of who the slaves were and who the masters were. Another example is that of the aboriginal peoples in Canada. They were here on this land, first, and today it is quite rare to see an aboriginal person associating with the "white" society. Most of them tend to stay on the reserves and associate with their own people.
             Both African Canadians and Aboriginal peoples have been in Canada for a long period of time. However both of these ethnic groups are stereotyped, to an extent, because of history and therefore, do not have the ability to raise their status.
             Canadian sociologist John Porter wrote the vertical mosaic, which challenges the myth that Canada is a patchwork. He agreed that we do have a vertical mosaic but it is a ladder rather than a patchwork. This is because within Canada we are free to practice our own culture however, it results in consequences in terms of one's social class. The very top of the ladder is closed off and reserved for only a certain ethnic group, mostly those of a white skin colour.
             This is why I do not agree that the longer an ethnic group is in Canada the higher up in status they go. Aboriginal peoples have been in Canada way longer than any other inhabitants and they still find themselves at the bottom of the ladder.

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