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system analysis

             com is an internet based travel agency focusing on low cost /high quality spring break based vacations to the North and Central Americas. As a whole SpringFling.com operates in a highly competitive environment in the travel agency industry alongside many competitors, many of which are internet based with direct buying options straight off the sites. However, SpringFling.com for the time being only focuses on vacation packages to the Americas during the Spring break season. This means it focuses on college students, and therefore is tailored more toward a smaller, but very lucrative and demanding market. .
             Due to the lasting recession over the past couple of years, travel as a whole has gone through some tough times. Terrorist activities across the globe have also scared many potential travelers from going to destinations otherwise safe. New federal laws may be making it even more difficult for the Travel industry. "New passports for Visa Waiver Program travelers, more interviews for visa applicants, and the proposed US VISIT program to track the entry and exit of all travelers present risks to our nation's ability to remain a viable international destination." (http://www.tia.org). The Airline industry has shown dramatic dips in revenues since the September 11th attacks. Many Airlines even went bankrupt. .
             On the positive side however, the economy has shown improvement in the last couple of months, meaning that if it keeps pace people will be more willing to spend money on travel. With the ongoing attacks on terrorists and their organizations people are also more willing to fly, especially to international destinations. This could mean that the travel industry, including SpringFling.com, could really start to take off.
             SpringFling.com's niche is being a solely spring break travel agency offering high quality vacations at low costs with several guarantee's. This means that it will have to compete with any travel agencies that provide packages to spring breakers, any websites that offer low cost spring break packages, any websites that offer do-it yourself-bookings, as well as any other option that spring breakers have outside of traveling to these destinations.

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