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The Assassination of JFK

             He was the United States 35th president and he was the youngest president at the age of only forty-six. He was only president for 1,037 days. Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president two times with a rifle. To this day many people still believe that Kennedy's assassination was a conspiracy. Few presidents have accomplished as much as Kennedy did during his short stay in office. .
             Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president from the sixth-floor window in the Texas School Book Depository. At 12:30 P.M. Oswald fired 3 shots at the President using a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Two hit Kennedy, the first one in the throat and the third shot in the head. The second shot hit Governor Conally, who was sitting in front of the president. Governor Conally was shot in the back and the bullet went through him. He was wounded seriously but not mortally. The President was rushed to the hospital, "In an emergency room at Parkland Hospital, the President was pronounced dead at one o"clock.(Parmet 346)" After the shooting Oswald walked out of the building and took a taxi ride to his house. While at his house he changed into a gray jacket and picked up his Smith & Wesson revolver. Oswald's housekeeper witnessed him, "While he was changing, Earlene Roberts, the housekeeper at the rooming house, heard a car horn and, looking out the window, saw a police car stopped in front of the house. Then it slowly drove away. A moment later Oswald strode out without saying a word to Mrs. Roberts. (Epstein 243)" At 1:16 P.M. Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit was bleeding to death by his car. Witnesses said that he was shot by a man in a gray jacket. At 1:50 P.M., Oswald was arrested in Texas Theatre, near where the Tippit shooting occurred. Police found 2 id's with Oswald, the other id had the name of Aleck James Hidell. The CIA had information that Oswald had been speaking with a soviet agent. Oswald stayed in jail for 2 days.

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