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The True American Sports Car

             While in Europe, the WWII soldiers grew fond of European sports cars, such as the MG. They liked the way these little cars handled and wanted to own one when they got back to the states. Moreover, these men came home from the war craving a U.S.-made sports car. .
             At the same time Chevrolet was looking for a way to increase their sales. They figured this to be an opportune time to get ahead of the other car companies, such as Ford. They thought that sports cars were going to be the hot cars to have in the future. They decided they needed to hire some of the best car designers to make sure this car was appealing to the public. The design of a first year car is crucial on whether or not it will make it in the long run. If the public doesn't like it, the car is not going to last. The designer's Chevy picked were Zara Arkus-Duntov and Briggs Swift Cunningham (Kramer 10). .
             Over the years the Corvette has changed in a number of ways, but one thing has stayed the same. One thing that hasn't changed and probably will never change is that the cars shell it is made out of fiberglass. Every Corvette ever made has been made out of fiberglass. The Corvette is the largest produced fiberglass-bodied car ever made. The reason fiberglass is used is due to the fact it is extremely light in comparison to metal (Porter 60). Weight plays a major role when creating a sports car, because it is made to handle corners like its on rails. In other words, to negotiate tight turns successfully, it is imperative the car's weight is controllable by the driver.
             The other thing that makes a Corvettea Corvette? is the fact that it has a lot of horsepower compared to its weight. The Corvette has always been known to be ahead of the rest when it comes to the technology on the car. The Corvette always comes out with the first of something. When it was first produced, it was the first fiberglass body in America, also the first fuel-injected car, the first car to have an all wheel independent suspension (Porter,6).

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