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             Have you ever heard of 3,4- Methylenedioxymethmaphetamine? Or what about, MDMA? Are you still wondering what I am talking about? Well I am going to speak tonight about the drug called ecstasy. I am not going preach on the subject, but I am going to inform you that there are some serious side effects.
             MDMA has been around for a long time, 1914 it was first synthesized by a German company. Use was for an appetite suppressant. It was not successful. It resurfaced in 1960 and it was used as a therapeutic drug for patients that were with drawn. .
             In recent years the drug has hit the street, and is a rapidly growing as a recreational use by teens and young adults. The drug is usually found in the club scene. .
             According to the book called Drug Dangers ,In 1985 the FDA placed it on the Schedule I classification of illegal drugs. .
             MDMA comes in a pill form, many users feel it is safe, simply because it is not snorted, injected, or smoked. That is simply not true. Another danger is that this drug must be synthesized, it does not grow naturally in the environment or is it in household products.
             Users may think that they are getting a full dose of MDMA, when in reality their not.
             In an article put out by the Partnership for a Drug Free America, stated that out of 107 pill that were seized, only half contained SOME amounts of MDMA!!!!! Others contained caffeine, DXM .
             Users describe their experience as being one with the world. Or a feeling of absolute power. In an interview with the Partnership for a Drug Free America, Chauncy described his experience, "Everyone is your brother or sister" he has been on drugs for most of his life and say "nothing compares with ecstasy. .
             Side Effects.
             MDMA mostly hits the central nervous system.
             Let me describe the path way through the body.
             Chewed to increase surface area, for faster digestion.
             Must be processed by the liver before it targets the brain Hepatic portal system, Hepatocytes.

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