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Merger Acquisition Plan

             Each individual reacts differently, and organizations must strive to make the transition as smooth as possible for all involved. The extensive changes taking place during a merger or acquisition further complicate the challenges present. If this process is to be successful, the changes must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the different cultures of each organization involved, systems utilized, customer base etc. By means of this thorough, thoughtful plan the newly merged/acquired organization can reach its full potential and marketability. .
             The Merger/Acquisition Transition Plan.
             This purpose of this plan is to maintain employee work productivity during the merger/acquisition transition. Acquisitions will be implemented to strengthen and expand the company, by targeting opportunities that offer profitable growth; resulting in increased profits, and the design of new business strategies. A consensus is built with all merger partners to meet the purpose and goal of the merged organization.
             Leadership .
             The integration of the merger/acquisition begins with a change in the organizational leadership. When leadership changes occur, the management team is responsible for a smooth transition (Succession Planning 52). The new members of the merger management team will function under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. .
             A Chief Executive Officer will be chosen to oversee the entire transition effort. The CEO must possess the necessary expertise to successfully carry out this function. The qualities must include a strategic vision, leadership skills, respect within the organization, and vast knowledge of the merger/acquisition processes. The CEO must also be familiar with the business and challenges faced by the organization.
             The management team will assess the organizational culture to examine potential reward and incentive systems, compensation structures, team orientation, and other corporate factors.

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