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Changing in the Office

             Offices have changed dramatically in the past ten years. There are so many different things in the offices now that were never even though of ten years ago. Some different things that have changed in the office are technology, location of offices and the education in the offices. There are many other things that have changed offices dramatically but technology is the one that has changed the office tremendously. Another thing that has changed in the office is the different environment you can work in these days. Not all people work in an office building like they did in the past. There are so many different types of offices that you are allowed to work in now. The last thing that has changed the office environment is the education you need to be able to survive in the offices. Office Managers like in when you have gone to school and have received an education. Not many jobs will hire you if you haven't got a good education. .
             Technology Services have come along way in the United States in the past ten years. Technology has made the business world much easier to work with. The business world would probably say that the technology they have now is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the business world. Technology Services include computers, copiers, fax machines, and etc. There are so many things that involve technology today that you wouldn't even believe. Almost everything revolves around Technology even when you aren't in the business world. Ten years ago we had technology but not as advanced as it is today. Technology can change any offices in two seconds. If it weren't for technology, I don't think the United States and even the world would be the same as today. You may not know it but technology is always around you no matter what.
             Another way offices have changed over the years is the locations of the work place and the different kinds of environments people work in these days.

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