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Experience The Best--Office XP

             In the modern world, as the technology becomes more and more affective to people's lives, human race's relationship with computer is closer and closer. And some software is even bigger and better than ever. Sparked up Windows XP already made an evolutionary huge impact to the computer users and gave them the best experience ever. However, Office XP seemed came out quietly and inferiorly to the market. As usual, Microsoft Office XP provides the ultimate set of business tool to users. Microsoft Office XP includes Word 2002, Excel 2002, Access 2002, PowerPoint 2002, and several other programs, such as Outlook, FrontPage and Publisher. Each of the applications and utilities included in the package can be used separately or they can be used together to produce professional looking documents. On the surface, Office XP is not a radically different suite than Office 2000. Visual enhancements have been kept to a subdued minimum. Customers start to question, "is it really worth to upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP?- In this study, by conducting these two applications, Office XP and Office 2000 together, the main goal is to identify which application offers the greatest productivity advantages when used to complete everyday word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email tasks. Defining the productivity as shorter time to complete tasks, and the number of tasks successfully completed within a given time.
             First is to compare the starting speed for each application. It's the simplest test, but with most of users concern, and is symbolized it by showing the status by chat and table. From the numbers that shows in each category, except the E-Mail program "outlook 2000 and Outlook XP are equivalent, Office XP dominates all the other components from Office 2000.
             Word 2000 3.4 Excel 2000 3.7 Access 2000 3.7 PPt 2000 3.5 Outlook 2000 3.3.
             Word XP 3.1 Excel XP 3.4 Access XP 3.5 PPt XP 3.2 Outlook XP 3.

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