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Windows XP

            Windows XP made a grand entrance into the software market on October 25th with its spectacular launch held in New York City. Software tycoon Bill Gates attended the opening while Sting, the famous rock star, sang in a free concert after the gala launch.
             Unfortunately Microsoft had a bad timing in launching the new operating system. After the September 11th attacks, consumers are clutching their wallets and have an attitude of waiting and seeing how things might turn out in the markets. Another issue that adds to the problem was Microsoft's launch of Windows 2000 and ME in the previous year. And by that, consumers and corporate users might think that the shift to Windows XP is nothing but a hassle since they just got through with upgrading to Windows 2000 a year ago. Another discouraging aspect Microsoft came to introduce is the licensing policies that come along with the XP, which includes buying a subscription for every new install on different PC's rather than one registered copy serving the purpose. Microsoft remains confident that XP will win over consumers and businesses with upgraded features, such as better digital photography software, easy-to-set-up video conferencing, and enhanced networking capabilities. Further more the improved stability, and Microsoft thinks it can overcome the current economic climate and register solid sales for the holiday shopping season.
             The article that I chose relates to a topic we discussed in one of the lectures. And that's when we talked about Coca Cola's launch of its new tasting soda, and how consumers did not welcome the new soda with open arms because of the sudden change that the consumers were not ready for. .
             I selected this article because of products popularity, thanks to the 500 million dollar marketing campaign. Microsoft did a great job in marketing this product, and that's by having its logo all over the net, and having the pop star Madonna singing in their TV commercials is definitely a plus.

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