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Windows XP

             The new Windows XP has hitting the media hard since it's release.com about half of the XP users that completed a survey were unhappy with the results from the operating system. As expected from any new OS there were a few bugs. Microsoft is now scurrying to provide the makeshift drivers needed for printers, scanners, and other peripherals. The problem occurs when consumers of XP upgrade only to learn about these bugs after it's too late.
             Brent Lawrence of Stokie, Illinois, discovered that after updating to XP his NEC1260 laser printer supported only 300-dpi output. This was boggling because with Windows 98 he was printing at 600-dpi. After arguing with NEC and blaming Microsoft for this partial support of his printer, he converted back to Windows 98. This just one of many complaints about this new XP operating system.
             A clean install is mentioned by a user to be the solution for most of the problems that can occur. After being unsatisfied with the regular installation a man experimented with this clean install and said "it worked like a dream." This IS manager also stated that it's the best version of windows yet. Although even after a clean install spontaneous reboots were reported. What I really liked is that after one of these reboots the OS asks you for permission to upload information to Microsoft about why the system crashed. These reports will help Microsoft track and iron out the Windows XP's bugs.
             Computers need development of operating systems. Improvements in stability, graphics, speech, handwriting recognition, and others not thought of require new OS. Browser integration will be more important, it is now integrated with Windows. The need for compatibility of hardware and operating systems is an important lesson. Whether Windows can retain its lead may be the most question for the future. .
             Normally provided with the computer, the operating system is the software instructions controlling its operation.

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