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domestic violence

             Domestic Violence And The Criminal Justice System.
             Question: What Assumptions Are Made About The Nature Of Domestic Violence When Asking "Why Doesn't She Leave"?.
             This report is divided into three sections regarding assumptions. The first section deals with reviewing two major theories, "The Stockholm Syndrome" and "The Battered Womans Syndrome". The second section looks at the significance of social class; race and culture while the latter will regard the "wider" social assumptions. .
              It is assumed it is easy to leave. The Stockholm syndrome is derived from a bank robbery where hostages developed a fondness for their captors.
              Similar psychological processes drawn between battered women and their abusers. Characteristics are a consequence of being in life threatening relationships. (Graham et al, 1998) cited in (Yllo & Bograd, 1998:218) .
              Unequal power relations between the two can lead to emotional bonding (ibid) Mistreatment followed by kindness reinforces the bond. Walker (1979) cited in (Brane & LaViolette, 1993:84).
              Display of kindness gives women hope thus: she denies the "alternative" fearful side of the abuser. (Browne 1987 cited in ibid).
              Does not define reasons why men are captors whilst women primarily held in hostage position and fails to recognise the social context of women's lives as oppression is viewed from internalised psychological traits. (op.cit:1998:218).
              Miller (1978) cited in (ibid:223, 224) argues that in inequitable relationships subordinates concentrate on survival. They become accustomed to the pleasure/displeasure response of dominants and develop characteristics ie: passitivity, dependency etd that is agreeable to the dominant.
              Attempts to explain why women stay with violent partners and why they become victims of brutality.

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