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Football and Culture

            Football is a sport that is deeply rooted in American passion. Whether playing football professionally, or in a non-professional context, the primary objective is simple, to win and to have fun while doing it. However even though the main objective is the same, both professionally and non-professionally, there are a lot of cultural intricacies which separate the two. When those intricacies are defined there gives way to the exposing of the effect culture has on football and the function of football in a nation-state.
             When football is played on an unprofessional level it is, on average, moderately competitive. If it is an organized football league, or establishment, protective pads are worn and the level of play is intensified. If unorganized football is being played there are typically no pads worn and the game takes on a looser, more carefree style of play. In this context, football serves a recreational function.
             Aside from the categorizing of non-professional football, into organized and unorganized, there are numerous groups which can be extracted from both. In organized unprofessional football there is a Pop Warner league for children up to age fourteen, there is football on a high school level, and there is football on a collegiate level. Each level, respectfully, becomes increasingly more serious and intense, and each level in succession draws you one step closer to playing professional football. Functionally, individuals become experienced in handling adverse situations, and are taught discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence.
             In unorganized football exhibitions, there are many different groups which play, and there are many different reasons why they play. These groups include families, kids from around the neighborhood, and fraternities.
             When families play football together there is usually a tradition behind playing the game. For instance, certain families play traditional football games on Thanksgiving Day.

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