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existence of God

             The Hippie Movement.
             Past generations have impacted the lives of young Americans. The 1960 - 1970 era was a.
             time period where young people went through drastic measures in order to change their .
             life style. Young people refused to follow the teachings of their parents, hence, .
             created an unusual culture of their own. These changes would alter the values and .
             morals that were passed on through prior generations. Due to the Vietnam war young .
             people were drawn to love, peace, happiness, and freedom as a means of escape from the .
             tragedy they had to face. This new generation ratified society strongly, therefore,.
             they were given their own name. They came to be known as "hippies", "freaks", or .
             "flower children". These names were given to young people who refused to follow old .
             fashioned American values, as an alternative they involved their interests in protests, rock .
             and roll, freedom, peace, and equality. Their unique way of dressing excluded them from .
             the rest of society by expressing their views of the political and social aspects of the .
             world. The sixty's were a trademark for one of the most dominant oppositions against .
             wars. During the Vietnam war thousands of troops were sent to prevent an oppressive .
             government from taking over and spreading communism. The social-political situation in .
             Vietnam emphasizes that the war was not a result of an aggressive North Vietnam .
             invading South Vietnam, but instead complicity of interrelated factors. Hippies felt very .
             strongly about peace, therefore, held many protests expressing their opinions. The war .
             created a negative domestic and international reaction. Having strong resignation against .
             the war, hippies began spreading their intellectual thoughts about the suffering of troops .
             in Vietnam by protesting. Protests for peace, happiness, love, and freedom were held .
             nation wide. Soon the hippies became aware that the United States was losing the war as .

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