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             The late 1990s opened a new window of opportunity for people, when they regained greater control over communication through the internet. The internet today is observed as one of the most important revolutions of 20th century that affected people's life. It has radically changed how people obtain the information. It has massive amount of information that is more than required by anyone.
             The internet is a huge library easily accessible to anyone living in any corner of the world. I can get any information on virtually any subject that I can think while sitting at my home. I remember the days when I didn't know about the Internet. My knowledge of the world was very limited and even if I wanted to know more, I had to go to the library and read books or had to watch some educational programs on the television. And even spending hours in the library and watching the television, I could not collect the information that I can collect now just sitting in front of the computer by searching the internet. This is just a small example of want the internet has to offer to human societies.
             The internet has many advantages if used in a good way. And it is not just a huge source of information it can be also used for simple communication with friends and family. Chatting with my friends and family living far away through internet has saved time and money. I can shop for anything from food items to electronic devices through the internet. I can make new friends from all corners of the world. I can watch and download music and music videos through the internet. Gone are the days when people had to wait for the news, now because of the internet people can get news happening all over the world, sitting right at their home. Like here in Truman, almost all students now use the internet for doing researches and finding help for their assignments. More schools are providing the internet facilities to their students, faculties and staff so the smooth communication can be established in between them.

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