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Mise en Scene of Edward Scisso

             I think that Tim Burton's work is an excellent example of the use of mise en scene'. Mise en scene is how the filmmaker choses to represent the story visually, in terms of choice of set, art direction, camera placement and many more details. I think that Burton's style shows great use of mise en scene because, I think that if you looked at a very basic, stripped down script (aside from the fact that he writes what he directs, so there would be more art direction notes than usual in there), that the visuals we see are far more imaginative than any other mind would see from just plain writing. The setting is a beautiful blend of something half based on reality, and dreamlike at the same time. We can relate to many elements, like the 50's style cleanliness of it all, and extreme caricature of suburbia, with everyone arriving home and mowing their lawns at the same time. The pastel houses remind me of what Florida would be in my mind had I never been there. This is contrasted with the extremely dark and stormy looking castle up on the mountain, Edward's home. Edward's home is an extravagant, expressionist mansion that works perfectly for this location. It is intimidating, yet still holds a magical, dreamlike quality. I felt like had I been in Peg's position, I would have also been far too curious and tempted not to venture in. The location is also characteristic of Edward himself. It is slightly creepy on the exterior, because it is different and unknown, yet there is also a visibly softer, magical and innocent side, the same quality that inhibits everything Edward creates in and around the mansion. .
             The choices of lenses are often help add to the surreal quality of the film. Burton used a lot of slightly fish-eye lenses to distort the image ever so slightly, and make things a little more bouncy and off-kilter. Naturalistic, is never the quality Burton is going for, and I think that slightly off angles on the camera add to this, and can make some figures more intimidating, or less so.

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