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"Brave new world'

            Although the book Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, was written more than.
             60 years ago, its subject has become more popular since most of the.
             technologies described in the book have, at least, partially, become a reality.
             Huxley's community of Utopia is a futuristic society designed by genetic.
             engineering, and controlled by neural conditioning with mind-altering drugs and.
             a manipulative media system. Yet, despite the similarities, the reader also finds.
             many contrasts between the two societies.
             and Perhaps the most salient contrast between Huxley's Utopia and our.
             modern society, deals with the issue of procreation. The majority of babies born.
             in our society today, are still the result of intercourse between a man and a.
             woman. In many cases the birth of a child is a memorable and joyous event for.
             the woman. In Utopia, however, if a woman is caught bearing offspring, she will.
             be punished by exile. Offspring not produced the society's way is a threat to the.
             society's existence, in the eyes of the leaders. As today, pregnancy, in Utopia,.
             could be prevented using a variety of methods. Where our society uses male.
             and female birth control methods, Utopia has pregnancy substitute (a procedure.
             in which Utopian woman are given all the psychological benefits of childbirth.
             without undergoing it) and Malthusian drill (similar to today's birth control pills). .
             However, modern society and Huxley's Utopia both explore the advantages of.
             artificial reproduction, although Utopia has taken it to the extreme: The.
             Bokanovsky Process, is a method whereby a human egg's normal development.
             is arrested, then buds, producing many identical eggs. "My good.
             boy!"."Bokanovsky's Process is one of the major instruments of social stability!".
             (Huxley, 7). Not only did this method create millions of "robot like" citizens for.
             Utopia, but the leaders have supreme control over any threat of overpopulation.
             Utopian predestinators decide the future function of each embryo, essentially.

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