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Roman Empire

             There are many contributing factors to the fall or Rome. Rome was a grand civilization with magnificent roads, buildings, aqueducts and much more. It was a civilization that started out as a tiny city on a hill next to the Tiber River. Romulus and his brother Remus founded Rome on April 21, 753 B.C. .
             Romulus was the first king of Rome, and little by little the Empire began to expand. It expanded to govern all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans ruled this empire with kings, dictators, senators, and emperors, all ruling with a strong desire for a well-rounded Empire. However, after the "pax romana" ended in 180 A.D. with the death of Emperor Marcus Aurilieus, the once great empire began to experience troubles, including barbaric invasions, weakened economy, Christianity began to decline. The Roman Empire did not fall from one single problem, but fell because of many contributing problems.
             The first factor that contributed to the fall of Rome was the lack of sufficient rulers. After the death of Aurilieus in 180 A.D. the "pax romana" ended which forced the empire to be controlled by who ever could gather the largest, and most skilled army. These were called military anarchists. Then, the military anarchists would then march into Rome, seize it and declare themselves emperor. Most of these men were not qualified to run an empire. Just because they had a good army, doesn't mean they are fit to run an empire. This way of finding rulers lead to non-roman citizens getting an army and becoming emperor. Although theses military anarchists became emperors they did not live long. Of fifty emperors, only one died of natural causes. Most were murdered.
             With all of unqualified rulers, the empire came to an economic depression. The government had huge debts to pay to the army and debts of the huge "parties" thrown by the government officials. These enormous debts were hard to pay, because the Romans had stopped conquering other nations, which is where they got most of their money.

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