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            In a world where the population is living so close together, a world of Anarchy would be total chaos. There is a need for a common agreement or contract between the world's population for the survival of mankind. This contract can be an agreement between two or more people, or is can have one party responsible to protect your natural rights. The responsible party is known as government. .
             Hundreds of years ago the world was far different than the world of today. The population started multiplying at a swift rate, explores where finding new areas to conquer; the world was expanding. The questions arose, why do we need government, what is the purpose of government and what will government accomplish? Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) and John Locke (1632-1704), both had their personal views on the answers to these questions. .
             In "The Leviathan" written by Thomas Hobbes in 1651, he describes how selfish people act in the state of nature without government and why a government is so important. In chapter 13, he supports his argument by stating that humans are equal both mentally and physically and the weakest human has enough strength to kill the strongest. As humans are all equal they have equal rights to everything as well; this creates situations where humans will naturally quarrel. Humans have the equality of getting what they want, although there can only be so much of a desired good that when another human or group of humans possess that good enemies are created and enemies turn into a state of war. In a state of war, no morality would exist as all humans would live in a world of fear. A society of this sort will never accomplish anything. All humans will have an uncertainty about their future and consequentially no labor would be put into anything other than ones self preservation. Hobbes believes that this is the state of nature. .
             Hobbes, in chapter 14, goes onto talk about what he reefers to as the rights of nature, or natural rights.

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