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Who Settled in America and Why

             The first settlers of America came from many different areas of the world and each one had their own specific reasons for why they were coming and what they would encounter. As a country growing older, America and her people have access to many of the original documents that describe the stories of the first settlers. Irwin Unger and Robert R. Tomes have gathered many of these stories and collected them into American Issues, to 1877: A Primary Source Reader in United States History. The first chapter in the compilation is a set of letters from six different men and their diverse reasons for settling in America.
             The first entry was written by Richard Hakluyt in 1584 called "Why England Should Settle North America." Hakluyt uses his writing to inform the people of England of the opportunities available in "Norumbega," and why England would prosper by settling there. He explains to his fellow countrymen that there is plenty of fresh soil available for farming and growth. Hakluyt also conveys his idea that if England were to settle in America and set up a direct trade there; their country would rise from a "meaner state to greater wealthe and moche higher honour, mighte, and power then before." The next entry was written in 1629, "Why We Should Leave England." John Winthrop, the author, also advises the people of England to emigrate. Although unlike Hakluyt, Winthrop directs his views to the Puritans of England. Winthrop believes that England has become corrupted and the children are in danger if they stay; America has the capability of being a better place for Christians to live. Winthrop's reason for this is that America, at this time, is a new born country and is still vulnerable to new ideas; the Puritan ideas.
             Colonel Norwood talked about his decision to travel to America in, "A Voyage to Virginia," written in the year of 1649. King Charles I was executed and the Anglican Church members began to fear for their lives as well.

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