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             "John Q," "How Good is Your Health Care," "The Doctor," and "Wit," cleverly display American healthcare as just another business. The four films portray our healthcare just as corrupt as every other establishment. Through these films and this course, I have grown more accustomed to the way healthcare works in the American culture. As, I have stated before, healthcare is more of a business market than a place to heal and care for patients. Healthcare is so closely associated with health insurance that we have to wonder how those to work together in terms of a business. As shown in "John Q," patients and healthcare providers do not agree amongst themselves. Doctors may recommend a type of treatment, equipment, or surgery that is needed for the patient, but that same patient cannot access the recommended treatment due to their health insurance plan. Most insurance companies do not cover all costs. Although John Q thought his insurance would cover a heart transplant, the later finds out that is not the case at all. In fact, he is told, the insurance company does not cover any part of the transplant. Most places even have access to the equipment needed for a certain operation, but since the patients insurance company does not cover the equipment, patients are forced to comply with the minimum possible treatment. In "The Doctor," June was given the wrong test because her insurance did not cover the right test that would have detected her cancer right away. Although healthcare is like any other business, according to the movies they are even more dishonest then most businesses. Insurances such as HMO's, do not advertise the work they specialize in because the publicity would bring more patients and make the costs increase. They are already struggling to keep their costs at a bearable price. In "How Good is Your Healthcare," a protestor angrily yelled, "You made an oath to take care of sick people, now do it," to an insurance company.

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