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            "Think before you speak" is a common phrase that most people have heard once or more in their lifetime. It's mere common sense that one should contemplate an action before taking part in it because one must be ready for the consequences. Of course this is not always the case because many people tend to act on pure impulse without thinking things thoroughly. In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Young Hamlet is an insightful and intellectual character who is criticized by many readers as being insane, but in reality Hamlet uses his natural abilities to analyze the most difficult situations in order to find the truth behind the corruption in the state of Denmark while avoiding unwanted outcomes.
             Hamlet has been faced with much pain and devastation in a short period of time, but is able to stay poised. Hamlet's father has passed away only about a month ago when his mother marries Hamlet's uncle. To express his emotions on this matter, Hamlet uses his witty banter to say, "Thrift, thrift Horatio: The funeral baked meats Did coldly furnish for the marriage tables" (I, ii, 180-181). The joke of Hamlet's words were that the food used for his father's funeral were taken over to his mother's wedding, which of course would be something no decent and prestige person would do. As if the tears mourned at the funeral became tears of joy at the wedding. Hamlet knows that something suspicious is happening, but chooses not to jump to any conclusions because he's a rational thinker who does not pass judgment so easily. Some readers may say that Hamlet was blind and couldn't see that horrible events in Denmark were taking place, but it was because he didn't want to show his anger towards his mother and uncle because he had no actually reason or prove of any wrong doing so he didn't want to cause any problems to arise because of his own anger. If he was truly insane then the minute his mother married his uncle would have struck a nerve in Hamlet's mind and he would have erupted with uncontrollable rage.

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