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            People can have different attitudes toward exercise. Some of us always shy away from exercise for one reason or another. Some others have a natural disposition for gymnastic activities and are fond of it. Others are able to practice exercise but have their excuses not to. Factors influencing these attitudes will also be the subjects of my consideration. Finally I will discuss about what attitude we should adopt toward physical exercise and what reasons justifying that attitude are?.
             Some people were born handicapped or with very poor health. Physical exercise does not appeal to them much. On their own will, they never take part in games requiring physical activities. Nor do they play any sports. Gymnastic sessions at school seem to be a torture for them. Their negative attitude is explained by the predisposed disadvantages they carry into life at birth. Only strong influences from the outside can change their thinking toward exercise and maybe this change can bring about a radical change to the course of their life. Many disabled athletes tell us how they overcome their fate to practice exercising every day and finally get the highest reward in Olympic and world competitions. Obviously only a few of us can have such strong will combined with the luck of having favorable outside influential factors to become Olympic or World competition medal winners. Still by practicing exercise just as to keep fit, they can always make good use of it for their health. The general trend for these people is a natural indisposition for gymnastics and sports.
             The majority of us are gifted with some natural innate dispositions for physical exercise. The Almighty has shaped our physical constitution so that we can accomplish our daily activities. Any form of exercise is just an extension of our daily acts such acts of locomotion, i.e. walking, jogging, running, jumping, into a specialized series of gestures and body movements to reinforce a part of our body such as our waist, back, limbs, etc.


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