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Americanization or Globalizati

            Globalization has become a term widely spread in economy, politics and daily life. As a description "globalization" refers to the widening and deepening of the international flows of trade, capital technology and information within a single integrated market [1]. Nowadays, when globalization is considered to be at its full motion, the question is whether globalization is actually "Americanization" of the world. .
             The U.S. have found a way to dominate the world in the main spheres of peoples lives, thus becoming the benign hegemon of the new millennium. Today the USA is presented as a soft power [2], a military power and an economical power. In the 1999 Hubert Vedrine, the French foreign Minister argued that the USA has expanded beyond the notion of the superpower of the twentieth century [3].
             After the Second World War through the beginning of the new millennium, America has imposed its cultural values world widely. Through film production and television images America has inspired other peoples to dream and aspire America and its values, as a result of this image students from across the globe idolize American education, therefore go there to finish their studies [4]. From Josef Joffe's, a German journalist, point of view America's soft power is even more influential then it's military capabilities, or even its economic assets; "U.S. culture, low- brow or high, radiates outward with an intensity last seen in the days of the Roman Empire- but with a novel twist. Rome's and Soviet Russia's cultural sway stopped exactly at their military borders. America's soft power, though, rules over an empire on which the sun never sets"[5]. .
             From the 1940 when Churchill said, "the New World with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the Old"[6], America has been politically dominant in Europe. Today the USA present the biggest military force, it outspends the next seven military biggest spenders combined [7].

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