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the Gold Bug

            The author of "The Gold-Bug" is Edgar Allan Poe. The theme of "The Gold-Bug" is mostly about adventure. There is no lesson to be learned and no moral to the story. It's just a plain and simple story about three people who search for buried treasure and the adventure that got them there.
             The point of view is in first person, which is presented by a narrator. The narrator, who is a physician, finds a specific type of bug while looking amongst the rocks on the beach. He thinks it is an unknown species, so he sends it to his scientist friend, Legrand. While searching on the beach, the narrator also finds a piece of parchment, while later he sketched the shape of the bug he found on it. When he put the parchment up to the fire, or light, he noticed there was a cryptograph on it. Thanking his rookie code breaking skills, the physician cracked the cryptograph and it had hints leading somewhere on it. So, using a little bit of thought, Legrand, his freed slave Jupiter, and the physician, went out on a hunt. The hunt came to a point where Jupiter had to climb a tree and drop the gold bug out of the left eye of a skull hanging on the tree branch. They dug a deep hole where the bug fell, and found nothing. Legrand contested Jupiter on his left and his right before they left and found out that Jupiter dropped it from the wrong eye. So, when they dug a second hole they found a chest filled with treasure, from Kidd the pirate. At the end of all their hard work, it finally paid off.
             The setting of the short story "The Gold-Bug" is in Sullivan's Island, near Charleston, South Carolina. The island consists of a three-mile long beach, separated from the mainland by a small creek. The whole western point of the island has merely no vegetation, no trees all the way to the farthest most point, which would be where Fort Moultrie is. Everywhere on the island, except for the western most point and the white- sanded beaches, is covered by the myrtle.

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