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            Material world in London influences Wordsworth's works.
             Wordsworth is often considered to be an egocentric poet - interested only in himself, his experiences and his development, but this is not quite a fair reflection. He also supported social reform and believed in what were popularly known as "The Rights of Man" - the rights to individual freedoms of thought and expression, the right to justice. Society was undergoing huge changes, and the drive for economic prosperity lead to an increase in both urban and rural poverty. Wordsworth explores the impact of such changes on the emotional and spiritual lives of the characters in his poems.
             Nevertheless, Wordsworth's major theme does not point out to the Great Britain problems in his period of life like many other poets. But, the origin of writing is before writers or poets established their works, they must have been experienced the subject matter of their literature by their own sense. .
             Therefore, there are a few poems like "The World is Too Much With Us" appeared in Wordsworth's works. In the "The World is Too much With Us", the speaker accuses the modern age of having lost its connection to nature and to everything meaningful. "The world is too much with us" falls in line with a number of sonnets written by Wordsworth in the early 1800s that criticize or admonish what Wordsworth saw as the decadent material cynicism of the time. This relatively simple poem angrily states that human beings are too preoccupied with the material, "The world getting and spending", and have lost touch with the spiritual and with nature. Setting of this poem apparently shows the image of London ,the capital of England, becoming more civilized by materialism. But what was the major reason why the speaker should blame London like that?.
             The truth is London was the only British city in mediaeval times which was comparable in size to the great cities of Europe.

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