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            In most working environments an incentive to work would be the knowledge of gaining money by working. This incentive, for most people is enough to motivate them. Money is all they need at the end of the day to see them through there working career. Some find it easy enough to be motivated just by receiving wages, for some money, as motivation is enough until boredom & stress sets in. For some people money just isn't enough to motivate them in the workplace. In most circumstances it is impossible just to have one way of motivating staff, different people work in different ways. A business needs to adapt methods to suit both them and the employees. For those who enjoy there job motivation can often be easily gained, for those whom do not particularly like there current job motivation is a key factor of making them work.
             In a company there are many different ways to motivate staff, there is not one ideal method to do so. Different people act different to different things. A wide range of motivation methods is the best policy to adapt to make the workers in the company motivated and willing to work. In some circumstances the way of motivating doesn't have to be large, even the small things such as praise is enough to motivate staff. At the end of the day the best way for an employee to work is to feel good about themselves in the workplace, which can be achieved by different types of motivation, types of motivation can be split into financial methods of motivation which are more from the theory x approach to business were money is a key factor in motivation and non financial motivation which is more theory Y based where workers have many different needs which can motivate them. Financial motivational methods are;.
             Firstly Fringe Benefits Fringe benefits are payments that are different than wages or salaries. Fringe Benefits can include things like private medical insurance, profit-related bonus schemes, a company car, transport allowances, loan or mortgage facilities and pension schemes.

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