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I am fortune's fool". To what

            In the famous play "Romeo and Juliet"; unfortunate events and the notion of fate both play important roles. Romeo is very melancholy at the start of the play because Rosaline has just rejected him. However he soon finds new love with Juliet the only problem is she is a Capulet. They both over look this problem and decide to get married the next day. Tybalt then kills Mercutio, Romeo avenges his killing and kills Tybalt. The prince sees sympathy and only banishes Romeo. Of course this is terrible news for Romeo as he won't be able to see Juliet any more. Their last night together is their honeymoon. Afterwards Romeo has to leave the city and Juliet is distraught. The friar Lawrence has a plan. It makes Juliet seem dead; all she has to do is take a concoction the friar makes up. Romeo will come and take her away. To let Romeo know Juliet isn't really dead he sends a messenger to tell him; the plan doesn't work though, because the guards at Mantua (where Romeo is) don't let the messenger in due to the plague. Romeo then thinks Juliet is dead and in a flourish of anger rushes to Verona to see his beloved Juliet. When he gets to her tomb a heart broken Paris is there, Romeo wants to pay his respects to Juliet but Paris will not leave the crypt so Romeo kills him. He then kills himself by taking poison, after he is dead Juliet wakes up and can't believe her eyes, her beloved Romeo is dead. She tries to suck the poison from his lips but there is none left so she stabs herself.
             Elizabethans accepted the belief that Heaven was behind all acts of reward and punishment, that God can look into the future and see all things and can cause things to happen as he wills. Although our destiny or fate is planned, because the manner of our lives, the choices we make, remains in our hands. Most Elizabethans would have believed in this so would have thought Romeo story was like this because of fate.
             Romeo's fatal flaw is impetuousness.

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