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A Rumor Of War

            A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo was an interesting story about one man's reflection upon and story of the Vietnam War. I found this book very interesting. I chose it because I knew little of the Vietnam War, and thought it would be educational yet interesting for me to read. I also choose it because it was actually written by someone who was in the war.
             Philip Caputo starts his story from his indecision of what to do with his life after high school. Once he decided to join the marine corps he tells of his college career, marine corps training, service in the war, and finally to when his tour of duty came to a close after the dismissal of his murder trial, and he finally got to go home. Caputo told his story from a point of view that no media source could have covered during that time. Caputo was actually there, in the battlefield, waiting for their attacks and drills against the Viet Cong. He told his story of whores and alcohol to blood and death. A very detailed account of what he actually saw and did during his time of service. .
             I enjoyed this book. I found Caputo's words to paint a very explicit picture. His style of writing revealed the emotions he must have felt while going through such a life changing experience. I liked the way he put all things, emotions, reflections and actions, into words. He explained every man in detail, and made you feel as if you knew them too. The way he felt sorry for the men who died, was touching. Also the way he explained his annoyance when he raided his first village, the way the women looked who had no feeling in her face. Caputo really drew you into his words. It made me think about the way men and women must feel in these combat situations. The emotions they must experience killing someone, and trying to find justice in doing so; reminding themselves it is for the good of their country. .
             In the beginning of the book I could not quite understand his thirst for war and fighting.

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