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The Causes of the Revolutionary War

            The causes of the Revolution spawned from many different ideas and beliefs. Most of the main disputes from which we have the development of a revolution are disputes over taxes. It was not so much of the colonies paying the taxes; because it was not an issue of whether they wanted to pay or if they had enough money. It was how the British brought the taxes upon the colonies. The British taxed the colonies without a representative in matters. If the British wanted to tax the colonies then the colonies wanted to have a say in the taxation. This mind set brought on the phrase by James Otis, "No taxation without representation." which leads to many revolts, uprisings, and protests, most of which are violent. .
             The first factors and the beginning of unrest in the colonial people were the Proclamation of 1763, and the French and Indian War. The Proclamation of 1763 stated that every British subject must stay east of the Appalachian Mountains. It also said that if you already lived west of the Appalachians then you had to move east. The French and the Indian War was a great factor in the strife of the colonists, because if the French are out of North America, then the colonists did not need the British to protect them from the French. .
             Many of the factors were the addition of taxes on the colonies. Some of the tax plans included The Stamp Act, The Townshend Act, The Sugar Act, and The Tea Act. Some of these taxations didn't cause too much colonial discontent, the ones that where external, but the internal ones like The Stamp Act, and the Tea Act aggravated the colonials and made them feel as though the British were taxing them for everyday type events. .
             One of the main reasons was the first continental congress. The first continental congress convened in 1774, some of the men there started to rise as individual leaders, and most of them saw a spurring of a new organization to end British authority.

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