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Rumor Of War

            Philip Caputo was a young man caught up in one of the most troubled times in our nation's history. He was born in Chicago and seemed to have a good life. He wanted to get out and see the world though, so he decided to join the United States Marines. He thought he was the only twenty-two year in the world still living at home. He was confused and trying to be somebody. He did not what lied ahead of him in the Vietnam Conflict, but he would soon find out. In his autobiography, Rumor of War we begin to learn the horror and tragedies of the war and what impact the war had on his life.
             When he was first sent to the war he thought that he was doing the right thing. He saw the war as a chance to prove himself. His background had taught him that whatever the cause we must protect the country. He had great pride when he first entered the war and wanted his whole family to be proud of him. In the marines he became a lieutenant and was put in command of the second platoon in Vietnam. They were sent to an MOR, at a communist stronghold. There they started patrols, but could not find the enemy. He lost his first casualty to a land mine while patrolling. The man had to have his foot amputated and was sent home. .
             As the war went on he lost another man while feeling his canteen at the edge of the MOR. He was feeling his canteen and was shot by a sniper while Caputo was gone for some R and R. he thought he should have been there and was very upset. His views began to change about the war. He could not understand why he was loosing men when they could not even find the enemy. He was beginning to be confused, the war had changed and so were he and his platoon. The war confused him and he got to the point where he did not want to even be there.
             Later on he was transferred out of the field and sent o handle paperwork at a different base. His job was to keep the ratio of how many United States me they lost compared to how many NVA that the army killed.

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