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The Great Gatsby

             An ironic mode is portrayed through the novel The Great Gatsby because main character Jay Gatsby is in fact no great man. After inheriting some money Gatsby creates his style and personality through multiple lies and parties that perpetuate into the night. Trying to fit in Gatsby convinces many telling them "I[Gatsby] was brought up in America but educated at Oxford."; however he was only able to get there because of a misunderstanding after the war, even then he was only there for a short period of time. After he left the war Gatsbys original plans were returning home, After the Armistice he tried to get home but was sent to Oxford instead(pg.158 line8), which shows he had future plans of attending Oxford. .
             The money he earned was never inherited from his parents(whom he avoids talking about)but from a man Dan Cody whom he helps maintain a yacht growing up(pg.107 line4). During that period of time the name James Gats disintegrates in the past and Jay Gats (nick name given by Dan Cody), becomes the wealthier alter ego. .
             When ever stumbled upon during conversation Gatsby's past left many with an unsolved mystery; leading to rumors, many thought he was a murderer, some thought he was a German spy, others simply thought he was a bootlegger because of his wealth. Now, if he were a better hostess at his own parties maybe these rumors could have been cleared up long before now.
             When I think of Gatsby and his so called establishment in life he brings me to one conclusion he was a "nobody for nowhere".

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