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All-American Jazz Music

            Jazz music came about in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is considered to be "America's Music." People call it this because of the way it was developed. In the mid 1800's, during the times of slavery and segregation, the art of jazz music swept over the south. Particularly Louisiana. Blacks, whites, men and women of all ages and backgrounds came together and created a new, more artsy form of music that is known as jazz. .
             What makes jazz music so special is that it is one of a kind and that it is unpredictable. People would just get together and play their instruments, usually the bass, trumpet or piano, and make beats and play any sporadic melody that came to them. The music was enjoyed by many and was a sort of doorway for many other kinds of music to be developed from. These other kinds of music include the blues and ragtime. During the period that jazz was developed, it was a way for both the musicians and the listeners to forget their problems and just enjoy what they were hearing. Jazz spread quickly and was soon spread throughout the South and became popular with all kinds of people. Slaves would sing and doo-wop on their plantations to help pass the time. Many believe that this was also partly responsible for the birth of Jazz music.
             Throughout the jazz era, slavery was in full gear in the south. Within a few years, the civil war broke out. Jazz was not only played for listening pleasure; but jazz was also played as a way to express feelings and tell stories. This was called the blues. The blues was a form of jazz in which there would be a slow beat and a rhythmic story being told in sync with the beat. The sudden wave of another form of jazz called ragtime brought about mixed feelings. This was upbeat music and caught the attention of many of the younger listeners. This brought on the age of Flappers. Flappers were young women who felt free and wore shorter skirts and had shorter hair.

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