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How to Quit Smoking

             Cigarette is one of the most addictive and destructive over the counter drugs. Most people know this is a fact, but many still continue to smoke. Eighty percent of most smokers have attempted to quit smoking more than once during the course of their smoking habit. The overall risk of death's such as in heart attack, lung cancer, and people who suffer in emphysema decrease from quitting smoking. As a matter of fact, I used to be a smoker. I had started smoking at the age of fourteen. My Aunt in the Philippines who I grew up got me influence of smoking. Every time she lit up cigarette, I had to ask her if I could do it for her, but I did not realize until I got hook on smoking. I was at the situation of smoking secretly with my family. My craving stated to notice after eating a heavy meal. Since I am not allowed to smoke at my age I would go hang out with friends lived blocked away from my house. It happened gradually that my habits of smoking become worst and I started to buy my own pack of cigarette. My coughing becomes terribly bad event though I would take cough medicine. I could not last longer from exercising because I would easily feel tired. I had such a hard time of keeping up my decision to quit smoking but there are many different methods to try avoiding the bad habit of smoking by simply following the five most effective rules. .
             The first step is to get ready. When I had decided of quitting I thought of maybe it will help me if I set up a date in my calendar. It is very important that you need to set up your mind not to smoke anymore. Maybe getting rid of all the ashtrays every single corner in your house will help to reduce the temptation of seeing something related to smoking. Stay away from people who know that smoke. This is when I stayed most at home because nobody in my family smoke but me instead of going out and hang out with my friends who are still smoking.

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