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            As your congressman I am here today to talk with you about some issues that we are facing in America today. Some of these issues are Social Workers removing children from their homes, Secondary Care givers for children, Community Involvement, Community Organizations, and Family Values. I come before you today to propose these problems and some solutions to them that I believe may work to help correct some of these problems.
             We have all probably heard about Albertine American Whitehorse and her son Buddy and their battle with the Social Worker Vicki Koob, this was a case where the social worker came in and removed a child from the home because they felt that he was not getting the proper nourishment, and that his living space was unfit for him to be living in. After further investigating into this some wonder whether or not this was the right decision on their half, from the Social Workers standpoint it may have been but from the family and friends stand point it might not have been. From what we have read this boy was very much loved by his mother and uncle and it seems that they tried to do everything they could for him. In some cases like this I think that instead of going in and removing the child we should offer help to the family, counseling for instance, or a community program to help out with the child, maybe someone to watch him so the mother can work a job and try and bring something in for the boy so that he can be brought up better. In cases like that it all depends on how you look at the situation, and how the is structured I believe.
             The next issue of topic is Secondary Care givers for children. I do not see this as much of a problem if the secondary care giver is just watching and taking care of the children while the parents are working, I see it as more of a problem when the care worker is doing this full time watching them day in and day out because the parents don"t want to give them the time of day, they are too busy working, or socializing and drinking to take care of or spend time with their own children.

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